Sunday, 19 July 2015


                Hey my beautiful darls :*, I hope you all are enjoying monsoon weather. I just came back home from the food tasting and after lot of self badgering I am up with another review. I know it’s very wrong to stay from my blog but trust me I have been really very busy with marriage preparations.  Just four months left and I haven’t started shopping for myself.  Nevertheless lets not go off track and I am today presenting you one of my favourite eye shadow trios i.e Chambor Trio Brun Cedre 59.

            Here is the floral print Chambor eye shadow trio. Chambor has this classy packaging of the navy blue color and I love the modification which is been done here in the trio as I have seen the other eye shadows and I came across the simple looking packaging.

            There is a button through which this trio can be opened easily,, this eye shadow comes with an applicator and a small mirror for touch ups and at the time of emergency (imagine you forgot your mirror while you are travelling), this will come as a saviour :-. The applicator is broad from one end and sleek from another, I think it is made keeping in mind one side is for the crease and other for inner corner. I have used this brush, it is decent and washable. There is a rose embedded on every color and here it might not be visible as I have used this palate quite a few times.

            Now comes the best part this trio comes with beautiful shades 1) Highlighting shade, 2) Bronze and 3) Golden shade. This palate has all time favourite shades of Indian Girls and I love it because it can be worn alone and can be used with other eye shadow to create smoky or subtle looks. Some people also call these shades as festive shades and I totally agree to it.

            All  colors glide on the eyes smoothly with minute fall out and lets accept it guys with powder  eye shadows there will be some fall out. I use patting technique for powder eye shadows which makes the fall out minimum. They are superbly pigmented. The highlighting shade is for brows and inner corners, bronze shade for the crease and golden shade for the lid this way it can also be used at day time as it gives a very subtle look. Too add the oomph factor, You can create a golden and black smoky eye makeup, or golden and dark blue smoky look.

As the hand swatch shows the shades have a lot of shimmer but on the eyes it is not overpowering.

On my lids these stayed on for 5 hours (without a primer) and after that they started creasing. I think they will last more long if used with primer. Over all I am happy with the purchase and I think it is value for money, three eye shadows which can be used in various looks.

1.      Buttery Smooth
2.      Pigmentation
3.      Staying power
4.      Value for money (Rs. 545)
1.      Fall Out  ( ye dil maange more)


  1. It is a very nice neutral palette ,Nice review Disha !

  2. Nice review. A heartfelt thanks to you as I was in search of a neutral palette which would not rob me yet would give good pigmentation. Thanks again.

  3. It is a value for money, colour no 3 is pretty.

  4. Value for money and perfect for everyday wear :)