Friday, 15 August 2014

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all my friends

Sunday, 10 August 2014

An Identity Enhancer Not Pretence

                                       An Identity Enhancer 
                                Not Pretence

Many times it is been said  “She wears a mask, have you seen how flaky and patchy”.  We have industries flowing all the kind of products to enhance one self. You name the product and we have it, be it a colourful lipgloss or a random face pack.
We have to agree that since generation females prefer to take good care of themselves. The only difference is that nowdays it is been more publicised. Earlier, If we did not have many companies to offer us numerous products, we had our grandmothers’ recipes which without a tinge of doubt worked wonders. Did any us of know that a floor mix with chocolate can act as a powdered base which is best to use in summers as all suggested by the leading companies that we should use powdered base in summers instead a liquid one..

The first make up and the skin care company which came to India is Lakme brought by Rajiv Gandhi and the market was blown over by its products. However at that time it didn’t bring many options for all the different Indian skin tones. Till then many ladies without the knowledge of make up and their skin tone started using wrong base(foundation) which either made  them look white or muddy and that’s where came the good old aunties comment “oh poor girl has put on make to become fair”. Due to different skin  tone colour and less options available, dark or wheatish complexion ladies started using the base without realising it is not meant for them, girls who wanted to become fair after the critical comments of their mothers or mother in laws. Make up is not meant for looking fair it is meant to hide imperfections of the skin, Who in the world has perfect skin may be a baby but in such a polluted and hot weather it is only possible in our dreams. A good base does that, it only hides your pimple or damaged skin marks  and makes you look flawless. The market is in full swing with irresistible products which takes my heart away. Infact our good old Lakme has improved itself and has started offering shades for dark beauties as well.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Deborah Milano 04

Deborah Milano 04

Hi, everyone this is my first review and super excited about it. I hope you guys are doing well. To start with the intro as the name suggests this is a blog of two people one My bestest sis and friend Neha and me Disha and now you know why its named Karismatic duals.
Now without any further adieu am gonna start with the product review. Today we are gonna talk about Deborah Milano blush. Strangely I haven’t seen many reviews of it on other blogs though its one of my sis fav blush.

Company Claims :-         

          Company claims are in Italian so the gist of the company claim is blush with a soft and velvety texture which blends perfectly and gives matte finish on application.Hypoallergenic. It is mentioned that it will suit the sensitive skin which is an appreciative thought.

          As you can see its a oval shaped blush with see through plastic cover. I like the packaging as its different from our round blushes and quite sturdy.

 Its a dusky peach color with minute shimmers in it. The shimmers are not overpowering and neither too visible. On first look it appears pure matte however on application it gives a vague dewy appearance which looks excellent on application. Though it looks brown in the swatch but it is a mid tone between peach and nude brown. I like the fact that it not flaky and non gritty and can be a go to blush for the office goer or can be nice peachy glow blush for the people who run away from wearing blushes on functions thinking that it will make them look over the top.

 It does not have a mirror and I so long for one in it. Instead it has a useless small brush, bristles are quite ok not too harsh not too soft. I prefer to use my blush brush as the application is smooth with it. The staying power and the name of the blush is not mentioned. I guess they also use number codes like inglot. However we have tested this blush for more than five hours and it starts fading after that.

The blush is not very pigmented you will need to put some layers of it to get the actual color but the good part is that it allows us to build the color without going over the top.

Now the most important part due to which our blog stands distinct. Guys am NC 42 in mac and my sis is NC 30 and here we are gonna tell you about every product which are tried on both of us so the dark skin beauties like me also get a fair idea of the product. This color is not at all visible on my skin despite how many times I layer it. However it gives a beautiful glow and color on my sis cheeks. She is so much in love with this blush it has become her go to blush for every occasion these days .
 I believe it can also be used a bronzer if not layered too much and will give a nice contouring effect.Overall a good product with a

Color Stay: 4/5
Dual use as a blush and bronzer
Price: 695 (expensive as the color stay is not that good)