Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Faces Canada Glam on Lip Gloss Chestnut Tinge

Faces Canada Glam on Lip Gloss Chestnut Tinge

Heloooooo beautiful ladies, I hope you missed me I sure did. I love pinks, peaches, oranges on my lips as they instantly brighten my face. However we all need neutrals in our kitty to balance out our smokey look or when we like to try something different. I am sure by now you have guessed that I am talking about gorgeous corally nude color and here it is tada..  

        It is appropriately named this as it has a fine coral tinge. It comes in a beautiful square packaging with a big stylish f
(J) written on it and has a golden cap. It has a sturdy packaging which makes it travel friendly and it can survive a fall, mine just did hehehhehehhe.  A transparent tube which shows the color and allows us to keep the track when it’s gonna say bye bye :(). I am one of the most lazy persons in the world according to my mother and I need everything in hand, So for the people like me it’s is very easy to find.

 I love this nude color as it has tinge of coral and very fine golden shimmers which are not at all overpowering. As you can see it has a long wand however it’s very difficult to take enough color in one dip by this wand and I don’t know this is the case just with me or others as well. In application the sponge of the wand is little thin and not so smooth.


      It has a sheer coverage and needs two to three swipes for the color to show up. Girls with pigmented lips should skip this. It does not show well on me if I apply it alone i.e without a lipstick underneath. Those who are reading my review for the first time for their reference I am NC 42 in MAC, I can’t say it washes me out but it doesn’t add any color to me. On my sister who is NC 30 to 35 it is like a cherry on the cake with smokey makeup or a thick winged liner. If you are liner or kajal girl who keep minimal make up look can carry it to Office.

        I wore it quite enough and it fades away after 2 hours and leaves a sticky and uneven fade ness which I personally don’t like in any lip gloss. It does not survive a meal.

        Overall it is an average lip gloss which may burn a hole in your pocket with a guilt (Rs 549). As there are many lip glosses available in the lower price range with better quality.

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  1. This is a beautiful shade and very detailed and informative review! Thank yo for your comment on thedocndiva! Following you back! <3

  2. Uneven fade off is a big turn off.