Tuesday, 4 August 2015

MUA Blushes Shade No. 2 and Shade No.4

MUA Blushes Shade No. 2 and Shade No.4

       Hey my pretty angels, have you ever noticed that beautiful pink flush on the newly wed or a would be bride, no that does not come from a #blush that is cent percent natural glow. But who said that pink flush cant be cheated, well I say makeup has no rules, little bit of cheating is allowed and I believe that’s what #MUA Make up Academy brand has done.
                Here I present one of the my best buys so far in the blush section, shade number 2 and shade number 4 blushers of #MUA Makeup Academy. In total there are six shades and I got two for me though I knew the shade 4 would suit me well when I ordered, but was apprehensive about shade 2 but viola I love it to the core. With such beautiful shade range I think every skin tone can find a match.

       I assure u guys these are deceptive beauties in the little pots.  I really love the packaging the way the brand name is imprinted in the blush. It’s a no fuss built which I really like.  It’s a tiny little pot just 2.5 inches which is very travel friendly and it can also be fitted in that small party clutch of yours.  Despite the fact these come under 1$ tag they provide 2.4g and I think these blushes gonna last me long. They do not come with a mirror or brush, but hey who’s complaining. I hardly use that brush anyway.

                  Look at the color guys I am in love with these to the core, I just love the color of both these blushes, Shade no. 2 is pink color which gives a kind of natural pink flush to my face and I use it in day time, the other shade gives a coral + pink effect on me and I prefer to use it at night as it has very very minute shimmers but you know guys that just personal preference. I had to layer up the color to make it visible on my wrist, so they are not superbly pigmented. But that is plus point according to me as it gives the control how much color we require on our cheeks.  The texture is very smooth and blends easily into the skin. These do not highlight my pores.

    They are not too powdery, I did notice some fall out while taking swatches but guys I don’t think I should complain as at such a cheap price tag we can neglect these cons. There staying power is pretty good they did stay on me for about 4 hrs and I think they can work better if we used with a primer underneath. I have an acne prone skin and neither of these blushes broke me out.

I am happy with these blushes, overall a good budget buy which will not drill a hole in your pocket. Girls who just started there college, flaunt beautiful pink cheeks with the help of these without getting broke.

  • 1                        I am biased, Love love love the color of shade 2
  • 2                        Buildable color
  • 3                       Non gritty
  • 4                      Can be easily blended
  • 5                      Travel friendly packaging
  • 6                      Does not clog the pores
  •                     Affordable

  •                  Non availability in India (I bought it from www.jabong.com) or its own website.
  • 2                  Some fall out.
  • 3                  I so wish that these blushes had names instead of numbers

Will I buy them again: I will definitely buy other shades.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


                Hey my beautiful darls :*, I hope you all are enjoying monsoon weather. I just came back home from the food tasting and after lot of self badgering I am up with another review. I know it’s very wrong to stay from my blog but trust me I have been really very busy with marriage preparations.  Just four months left and I haven’t started shopping for myself.  Nevertheless lets not go off track and I am today presenting you one of my favourite eye shadow trios i.e Chambor Trio Brun Cedre 59.

            Here is the floral print Chambor eye shadow trio. Chambor has this classy packaging of the navy blue color and I love the modification which is been done here in the trio as I have seen the other eye shadows and I came across the simple looking packaging.

            There is a button through which this trio can be opened easily,, this eye shadow comes with an applicator and a small mirror for touch ups and at the time of emergency (imagine you forgot your mirror while you are travelling), this will come as a saviour :-. The applicator is broad from one end and sleek from another, I think it is made keeping in mind one side is for the crease and other for inner corner. I have used this brush, it is decent and washable. There is a rose embedded on every color and here it might not be visible as I have used this palate quite a few times.

            Now comes the best part this trio comes with beautiful shades 1) Highlighting shade, 2) Bronze and 3) Golden shade. This palate has all time favourite shades of Indian Girls and I love it because it can be worn alone and can be used with other eye shadow to create smoky or subtle looks. Some people also call these shades as festive shades and I totally agree to it.

            All  colors glide on the eyes smoothly with minute fall out and lets accept it guys with powder  eye shadows there will be some fall out. I use patting technique for powder eye shadows which makes the fall out minimum. They are superbly pigmented. The highlighting shade is for brows and inner corners, bronze shade for the crease and golden shade for the lid this way it can also be used at day time as it gives a very subtle look. Too add the oomph factor, You can create a golden and black smoky eye makeup, or golden and dark blue smoky look.

As the hand swatch shows the shades have a lot of shimmer but on the eyes it is not overpowering.

On my lids these stayed on for 5 hours (without a primer) and after that they started creasing. I think they will last more long if used with primer. Over all I am happy with the purchase and I think it is value for money, three eye shadows which can be used in various looks.

1.      Buttery Smooth
2.      Pigmentation
3.      Staying power
4.      Value for money (Rs. 545)
1.      Fall Out  ( ye dil maange more)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact


          Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact

              My lovely gorgeous beauties, I hope you all are doing good in this scorching heat. Last year in this same weather I bought a small beauty which has stayed with me like a trustworthy partner in the last year’s summer and we pledge to stay together in sickness and health.. (hehehhehehhe).
            Ok I have bored you enough. Last year I was on a hunt to buy a compact powder, which can be used wet and dry with medium coverage , so that I would not need to buy a full fledge foundation on my cousin’s engagement. I was a no makeup girl then, or you can say I didn’t want my foundation to melt away when I say hello to the sun.

            Company claims, it would provide 16-hour stay and has spf-17 and comes with a soft sponge which will help to achieve even look.

            At that time I bought this stylish, classy, metallic body Lakme Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry compact, priced at Rs. 650 which comes in a black velvet pouch . It is elliptically shaped compact and gave me a hard time in clicking its pictures as it is so glossy that it acted as a mirror whenever I tried to take shots. Although I defeated it yeeeeeehhhh ( I hope so as you are my judges).

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Faces Canada Glam on Lip Gloss Chestnut Tinge

Faces Canada Glam on Lip Gloss Chestnut Tinge

Heloooooo beautiful ladies, I hope you missed me I sure did. I love pinks, peaches, oranges on my lips as they instantly brighten my face. However we all need neutrals in our kitty to balance out our smokey look or when we like to try something different. I am sure by now you have guessed that I am talking about gorgeous corally nude color and here it is tada..  

        It is appropriately named this as it has a fine coral tinge. It comes in a beautiful square packaging with a big stylish f
(J) written on it and has a golden cap. It has a sturdy packaging which makes it travel friendly and it can survive a fall, mine just did hehehhehehhe.  A transparent tube which shows the color and allows us to keep the track when it’s gonna say bye bye :(). I am one of the most lazy persons in the world according to my mother and I need everything in hand, So for the people like me it’s is very easy to find.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lotus herbals Colorkick Kajal

Lotus herbals Colorkick Kajal
       One of the most demanded and the basic requirement by the Indian women is Kajal. A home maker, teenager or a working woman starts her day with a dark black kajal and there is no doubt that our make up industry is flowing with various kajals to meet this demand.
        I may not apply anything if am in hurry but I would not miss applying my kajal. I like to experiment with my kajal because I had been hugely disappointed in this area. With surma which our grandmothers use to make to herbals kajals I have tried all and was not really satisfied with any of them. Some gave me panda eyes and some just didn’t show up. While these experiments I found one of the blackest kajals without getting panda eyes. I know you are eager to know how is that possible. Well girls wear your beautiful smile while I introduce Lotus Herbals ColorKick Kajal which is recently launched.

        By the packaging it is one of the most chic packaging I have come across, breaking the norm that the kajal has to look black by the appearance as well. It is rightly said on its packaging “Bring on the rock chic in you”. After looking at the packaging I sighed and said “it is so me”. The Kajal’s name is engraved in yellow color and no doubt that looks stylish.

Monday, 12 January 2015

My Engagement Outfit Search

My Engagement Outfit Search

          Today I am gonna share all the details of my outfit and my salon hunt in my next post and I promise I would not stay away from my blog for such a long time anymore.
One fine day my mum announced we will go to chandni chowk to buy your engagement outfit and i and my sis raised eyebrows like any other girl as I could not even think of going there to buy my D day dress to chandni chowk.        After a lot of discussions and heated arguments I gave up and decided to follow my mum to CC however i was still sure that i wont buy anything from there. As i wanted to buy a dress initially and according to me it was not possible at all to find an elegant and graceful dress in chandni chowk. Well I was so wrong.
 Now I have to say any one who is looking for a bridal or a engagement outfit must and must visit chandni chowk. They have this beautiful collection of lehengas. Although it’s very important that you do not get carried by the salesman who roam around the CC lanes. 
Off course It is the busiest market in India, and all sorts of showroom and shops are available at one fine, well not so fine (gigle) place. 

After a lot a struggle with various outfits and lot of trying I chose a lehenga. However it’s very important for you to know the kind of the lehenga or any other outfit you have in mind and convey the same to the shopkeeper. Because according to them every lehenga is best and you would look princess in every piece. So before visiting there you should do a little research on the outfit. I spent days and days searching which piece will suit me the best and should I go for Indian outfit or a Ball Dress.
 With all these thoughts running in my mind I entered the lanes of CC. Honestly, we didn’t have to roam around a lot in chandni chowk as there is one specific shop which my family goes to since generations. 
He started showing sarees, dresses, lehengas and lehenga sarees i didnt like a single piece. i raised my eyebrows to every single piece though to my mother's satisfaction i still tried a red dress which he showed and said no to it as well. In the end i showed him (through pic) the kind of lehenga i was looking for to which he said he can get the same piece made. I wasnt sure I should agree to it as lot of if's and but's circled around my mind . What if it does not look that good on me.