Monday, 12 January 2015

My Engagement Outfit Search

My Engagement Outfit Search

          Today I am gonna share all the details of my outfit and my salon hunt in my next post and I promise I would not stay away from my blog for such a long time anymore.
One fine day my mum announced we will go to chandni chowk to buy your engagement outfit and i and my sis raised eyebrows like any other girl as I could not even think of going there to buy my D day dress to chandni chowk.        After a lot of discussions and heated arguments I gave up and decided to follow my mum to CC however i was still sure that i wont buy anything from there. As i wanted to buy a dress initially and according to me it was not possible at all to find an elegant and graceful dress in chandni chowk. Well I was so wrong.
 Now I have to say any one who is looking for a bridal or a engagement outfit must and must visit chandni chowk. They have this beautiful collection of lehengas. Although it’s very important that you do not get carried by the salesman who roam around the CC lanes. 
Off course It is the busiest market in India, and all sorts of showroom and shops are available at one fine, well not so fine (gigle) place. 

After a lot a struggle with various outfits and lot of trying I chose a lehenga. However it’s very important for you to know the kind of the lehenga or any other outfit you have in mind and convey the same to the shopkeeper. Because according to them every lehenga is best and you would look princess in every piece. So before visiting there you should do a little research on the outfit. I spent days and days searching which piece will suit me the best and should I go for Indian outfit or a Ball Dress.
 With all these thoughts running in my mind I entered the lanes of CC. Honestly, we didn’t have to roam around a lot in chandni chowk as there is one specific shop which my family goes to since generations. 
He started showing sarees, dresses, lehengas and lehenga sarees i didnt like a single piece. i raised my eyebrows to every single piece though to my mother's satisfaction i still tried a red dress which he showed and said no to it as well. In the end i showed him (through pic) the kind of lehenga i was looking for to which he said he can get the same piece made. I wasnt sure I should agree to it as lot of if's and but's circled around my mind . What if it does not look that good on me.

And then he showed a lehenga which i just could not take my eyes off. Pastel coloured, no bling contrasting dupatta, extremely heavy still not over the board and i got stuck on it. I tried it and before realising that every one is watching me i started playing with its dupatta as well and my sister stopped me from me getting embarrased in front of all the people, as I was making a fool of myself hehehhehe.
I told mum this is the one and her sweet smile told me she loves it too  That's how i found my lovely piece.

Any one who is interested in knowing the details of the shop and price of the lehenga please mail me at

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  1. Awww... The lehenga is so pretty. I love the color combo. You look stunning :)